Seasonal Plumbing Tips

Advice for Seasonal Charges That Would Affect Your Plumbing

November 2011

Can’t believe the weather we’re having lately. Which brings me to my first monthly “Tip of the month” —-sort of. November is turn off your outside faucets month. I’ve waited until now to inform all of you but, as I’ve stated it is an unusually warm month. Having said that, in this case, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Remember below 32 degrees can damage an outside faucet.

October 2011

Do not forget:

  1. October is a good time to visually check your water piping for any sagging pipes or any unusual build up on entire plumbing system. Contact Classic Plumbing for a free inspection.
  2. Odor from a disposal can be easily cleared by using 1 cup of liquid bleach down the drain with water on cold or hot. If problems persist, contact Classic Plumbing by Reno
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