It’s Back to School Time for Boys, Girls, and Plumbing!

09/08/16 11:23 AM

Back to School means several things to families but few associate this annual ritual with plumbing. What have pipes and water got to do with new backpacks filled with blank paper and packs of pens and pencils? Not much. Your plumbing will take the hit mostly from your change in schedule.

Think about when you use the most water in the summer versus the fall, when school starts. You and the kids will take showers after a refreshing dip in the pool at various times during the day versus right before the bus comes. Your family will just grab another towel until there are enough to fill the washer rather than try to clean a sports uniform… er, right before the bus comes.

There’s something magical about the arrival of a school bus. So many tasks become immediately due then and that’s when you don’t want your home plumbing system to let you down.

Try to Control the Mayhem

Instead of trying to get everyone in and out of the shower during the morning, consider staggering evening showers. That’ll give the sleepyheads a few more minutes with the snooze alarm and your hot water heater will be able to recover so everyone gets a comfortable shower.

Same with washes. Getting the kids to deposit dirty clothes in the laundry room may be about as easy as herding cats but if that uniform is tucked deep into a gym bag, you won’t know to wash it until well after it’s needed. Washing machines need time to do their thing, not to mention the drying cycle so get the kids involved in taking responsibility for their own gear. You’ll be surprised at how independent they can be.

Watch Where You Put It

With the school bell comes lunches packed in the morning and afternoon snacks consumed after classes end. That’s also when things go down the drain when they’re better put into a compost pile. Bananas are a great source of nutrition and those peels will mess up your disposal system. Fresh corn on the cob comes with husks that just won’t go through your pipes easily.

It’s just plain old easy to forget what we’re tossing where when the mind is filled with wondering if that cutie in math class is available or how to get four kids to five separate events in three towns. That’s when clogs happen and more than just the sink grinds to a halt.

Get a Check Up

While summer vacation is still in full swing, it’s a good time to call a friendly, trustworthy, local plumber to fix small leaks, check hoses on your washing machine, and give that hot water heater a tune up. Teaching can happen outside the classroom and kids can learn that taking care of the plumbing system can mean the luxury of taking hot and cold running water for granted. Ignoring responsibilities can mean high repair bills and time spent fixing problems that could have been avoided.

Classic Plumbing by Reno is just your trustworthy local plumber and ready at 860-748-7305 to help you get ready for school.

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