Is it time to remodel your bathroom?

12/05/16 3:59 PM

bathroom remodel bristol ctSpring is an interesting time because everything is renewed, even our bank accounts. If you were lucky enough to get a check back from the IRS or are just breathing a little easier because oil prices were low this winter, you may be thinking of how to use that extra cash. U.S. News Money reports you can get 62 percent back on your investment if you do a bathroom remodel.

The trick is to balance financial savvy with what’s on your wish list.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel

If you only make minor changes, you’ll only get minor returns. At the start of planning, don’t be afraid to think big and list those items you really wish you had—double sinks, more square footage, custom shower, great lighting, and maybe two full baths instead of a bath and a half.

Price out all the options so you know exactly what you can afford. You may be surprised at the results and get the bathroom of your dreams for less money than you feared.

Learn About Quality Bathroom Fixtures

It may be tempting to buy the cheapest faucet out there but do your homework first. Water is a very sneaky thing and can leak or deposit minerals that shorten the lifespan of a cheap fixture. You may end up spending more in repairs or just replacing the fixture soon after you buy it. A quality piece of plumbing will cost a bit more up front but it will save you money and frustration in the long run, providing you with years of carefree hot and cold running water.

Consider Alternative Materials

Browse through the magazines and check out what’s new in bathroom design. You can find an inexpensive dresser and give it a good lick of paint to make a great bathroom vanity. Or, try bamboo flooring instead of tile.

Get creative and look at what you have. If the sink and toilet are in good condition and only need some worn parts replaced or a new faucet to refresh them, then run with it. Paint is a great way to spruce up a bathroom because it can be done in a day. An old ladder can be the perfect towel rack. A few hooks might allow for some hanging plants, which would be happy in the semi-tropical atmosphere you create after a shower.

Whether you can spend a lot or a little, the one thing you should do when remodeling a bathroom is your homework. Call Classic Plumbing by Reno at 860-748-7305 and we’ll guide you with an accurate quote and useful answers to all your questions.

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