Start the New Year off with Great Plumbing

08/01/16 7:03 PM

Happy New Year!

The idea of a fresh, untouched year is a tempting thing. We want to do whatever we can to make sure the next 12 months are filled with health and prosperity. While you’re making resolutions, take a few minutes to ensure your plumbing system is ready to serve you without leaks, clogs, or catastrophic plumbing failures.

First, be honest about those niggling plumbing problems that you’ve been ignoring. Remember that it’s always less expensive to fix a leak when the amount of water lost is a tiny drop rather than waiting for seals to fail and you hear water rushing. You’ll also save money by fixing a leak now because, no matter how small it is, that amount will add up because leaks are 24/7.

Do a quick evaluation and determine if the leak is due to a bad cartridge. Shut off the cold water then the hot water. The drips should stop without one of the sources of water. If the drip is under the sink, try to determine where it might be starting. The solution could be as simple as tightening a nut.

Leaks inside the house are bad but can be much worse when outside the structure. It’s not too late to shut off those outdoor water spigots if you forgot this simple chore last fall. Temps below freezing can expand water in the pipe and crack it, causing a mess when the pipe thaws and water flows freely again.

Speaking of water and how it moves, is your toilet running? Take the top of the tank off the back and make sure that all is quiet in there between toilet uses. Otherwise, you could be wasting water as the toilet attempts to refill when there is no need. Jiggle the handle and watch what happens. You can usually see where the toilet components might have become worn and fail over time. Most pieces in there are cheap to replace with parts from your local hardware store.

One of the most rewarding things you can do with your plumbing system is to clean your aerators. The tip at the end of the faucet will unscrew easily and a quick tap will dislodge crud. If you’re feeling ambitious, take an old but clean toothbrush and loosen any material left in there. When you put the aerator back, you have more water and feel like you’ve accomplished something really good.

Your plumbing system brings you hot and cold running water and removes waste so readily and easily, it’s easy to take the system for granted. However, you know if there are things that seem to work less well than they did a few weeks or months ago. Taking the time to find out what’s changed and fixing it can not only improve how you use your sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower, but can save big bucks down the road.

Call Classic Plumbing by Reno at 860-748-7305 if you have questions or want to take care of a small job before it becomes a big job, or worse, a problem that has you dealing with water damage on top of everything else. Take control of 2016 and together, we’ll make it a great year!

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