Save Money with a New Hot Water Heater

09/04/15 4:11 PM

water heaterThere’s nothing new to the idea of energy efficiency. If you remember the gas crisis of the 70s, then you may be tired of the idea. However, you will never tire of the results, which translate to lower costs.

Let’s spend this month talking about hot water heaters. Did you know that you spend over 20% of your overall energy bill on hot water? If you remember a blog comparing the methods of heating water for home use (To Tank or Not To Tank?) then you know that you may be heating the same gallons of water over and over again while you’re out of the home.

So, when am I going to get to the painless tips to save money? Right now.

Make sure the thermostat on your hot water heater is set to 120° Fahrenheit. Some manufacturers push the units out the door with a higher setting. You don’t need water hotter than 120° F for home use and you’ll save yourself from some nasty burns as you also save almost 5 percent of the cost of heating water to the higher temp.

Use cold water to wash your clothes. Everyone has plenty of dirty laundry to do some easy testing. Wash the clothes in cold and wash them in warm. You won’t see a difference and you will save money in energy (and perhaps save some sweaters from shrinking.)

Insulate the water tank. You wouldn’t sleep without a blanket in winter, would you? If your hot water tank is located in the basement, then you’re trying to keep water at 120° F when the temperature surrounding the tank is about 56° F. Do the math. Spend a few dollars on insulation for the tank and pipes. The energy you save will also be in the form of peaceful sleep as you know those pipes are protected from freezing in winter.

Fix leaks. If you have a leaky faucet, put a cup under the spout when you go to bed. You’ll soon realize how a drop every few seconds will add up to gallons of water you heat just to slide down the drain.

Call Classic Plumbing by Reno for a free consultation at any time. I can help you stop leaks, recommend the right insulation for your water tank, or show you where the thermostat on your water tank is located. You’ll enjoy seeing the lower numbers on your next energy bill.

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