Tips to Keep Your Summer Fun and Pipes Flowing

03/07/14 8:00 AM

sprinkler-kidsIt’s summer time and the livin’ is kind of frantic.  The kids are home and everyone is trying to suck up every bit of fun.

So, take some advice from your favorite (I hope) plumber and save your time for swimming, playing games outside, munching on great local produce, and just generally getting some fresh air.

  • Share tips with your kids.  They’ll grow up and have to know how to take care of a home someday.  Teach them that it’s easier to avoid a problem than fix it and can be as simple as using a modest amount of toilet paper.  Littler kids tend to put more interesting things down the toilet and it wouldn’t hurt them to “help” mommy or daddy use a plunger.  Give them a small job like flushing another toilet in the house if you have one as that sometimes can change pressure in the pipes and help move a clog forward.
  • Check the yard for obstacles before you or the kids mow.  I’m thinking specifically of sprinkler heads, which should be lowered because they won’t fare well with a blade.  But, a hose left nestled in long grass is also likely to be unseen until too late.  That can be a bit of a panic when you have a sudden water fountain and need to figure out what happened before you rush to turn off the spigot.
  • Your washing machine will be working harder to remove the sweat of summer from clothes and towels.  Never run the machine when the house is empty.  Again, give your kids the opportunity to be part of the household management by teaching them where the shutoff valve is located by the machine, both hot and cold water.  If something does go wrong, this one simple step is going to make clean up a lot easier.

I hope you have a great summer and, if you do run into a situation that needs a professional plumber, just call Classic Plumbing by Reno at 860-748-7305.

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