Pay Attention to Your Plumbing

03/06/14 8:00 AM

Classic Plumbing ImageIt’s natural to take your plumbing for granted.  In fact, that’s what makes the whole system so appealing in the first place… we can forget the ickiness of what we’re flushing down the toilet or washing down the drain and focus on candles, fancy soaps, and the gentle lapping of a nice bath in our own private “spa.”

I, Reno of Classic Plumbing by Reno, recommend you suck it up about twice a year and pay some serious attention to your sinks and tubs in order to avoid serious plumbing problems.

It’s so much easier to change out one part compared to an entire fixture… and that’s not including the effort of mopping up or chucking valuables into the trash because of water damage.

Take a moment to do some simple steps:

  • Take a close look at all your fixtures and the areas around them.  It’s time for spring cleaning anyway so, do a thorough scrub down.  If you see some stubborn stains, that might be an indicator that a small leak has been depositing iron or other elements over time.  It’s easy to fix a small leak with probably a very small part.
  • Walk around the basement or wherever you can find pipes pulling water from either a well or city hookup.  Use your nose to smell for a musty odor.  It’s okay for pipes to sweat in one of our famous Connecticut heat waves but, this time of year, your pipes should still be dry on the outside.  Take a box of tissue and wipe if you aren’t sure… wet tissue means you better take action before you cry.
  • Leaking air is actually an indicator of a problem.  Is the drain bubbling a bit when water goes down?  Most people don’t know that ventilation pipes are a vital part of an plumbing system.  You need air to move freely in the system – in the right places.
  • Trust yourself.  If you think that there used to be better water pressure or the sink isn’t draining as fast as last year, you’re probably right.  Great news here is, in addition to catching a problem early, you can stop feeling like you’re trying to rinse your hair in a fog.
  • Wiggle… do the fixtures move?  A toilet that is not properly seated… well, you don’t want any leakage down there.  The washing machine hoses should feel strong and flexible, not brittle.  There is no fun like talking to an insurance agent about your problem with a broken hose.

Feel free to call me at Classic Plumbing by Reno, 860-748-7305 if you find anything suspicious or want me to show you how to do an effective inspection on your own.

Yes, it’s great to take plumbing for granted but, if you give it a little attention a few times a year, you can greatly extend that period of blissful ignorance.

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