Avoid Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

08/01/14 8:11 AM

caulk sinkIf you’re tired of your kitchen, then the first thing you need to know is that plumbers are a good information resource.

Most people assume we work only behind walls, under sinks, or behind toilets.  Truth is, we’re flexible in both physique and mind (it’s not easy to reach a kitchen sink from inside a cabinet).  Let us put that experience and knowledge to use for you as you tackle the most important step in any kitchen redo – planning.

Most people get distracted by the bright, shiny objects… literally.  It’s tempting to focus on new faucets or countertops but the real starting point is your existing kitchen.  What works for you now (don’t say NOTHING!)  What’s not working and what would you like to have instead?  Think functionality… I’ve seen way too many kitchens designed with a cute little computer workstation… and it ends up as a dumping ground where it’s obvious no one is doing homework while mom prepares the meal.  Honestly, a kitchen table is still very functional because you can spread out on that surface.  Or, if your kids have trouble keeping their mind on studies, remember that the kitchen has the most traffic in the house and that can be a distraction.

Do you bake and would you like a cabinet for baking trays?  It might seem a little dull to think at this level of detail but try this on for size: think about it once before you spend a penny and have a more pleasant time in your kitchen without thinking about details or spend a lot of time regretting the expense of something that doesn’t work for you.

Speaking of working for you, be realistic about how long you plan to live in the house from the time you finish the remodel.  Are you spending this money to please yourself or are you trying to upgrade the home for the market?  Don’t spend your money on things that won’t have a broad appeal to a bunch of strangers if you plan on moving soon… you won’t recoup your investment.

Another great thing to do is ask… then ask some more, then ask even more.  Classic Plumbing by Reno is happy to answer questions.  Learn all you can about what’s available, trendy, or popular in kitchens now.  I’ve seen a lot and can give you sound plumbing advice.

A remodel is expensive in terms of time and money.  Don’t be the person who shies away from living happily because you assume it’s too expensive but don’t be someone who tries to fulfill champagne tastes on a beer budget.  There are smart ways to save money and doing things like buying cheap fixtures is not smart… unless you like buying new fixtures right before you’ve finished paying for the last set.

Finally, be patient.  When the job is done, it will seem as though the time flew and you’ll be happy.  But, while you’re in it, you need patience to wait through lead times, talk to enough contractors and designers to find the right people, and get through mistakes or changes.

The bad news is, it won’t happen in a half hour like it does on the television shows… the good news is, you’ll get to live in a kitchen you love.

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