Protect Against Sewer Backup

01/08/13 8:21 AM

sewer backupNobody wants waste water to return into the home – sewage should always have a one way ticket.

Unfortunately, backups happen for various reasons, one of which is excessive rain.  We’ve received a LOT of rain lately, which means an even greater chance that, as the water filters through the ground after a good storm, it will find its way into sewer pipes through tiny cracks.  A pipe that has more than it can handle will push back what it can’t move forward.

Tree roots also like tiny cracks in sewer pipes.  Roots will identify a sewer line as a nutritional source and slowly grow toward cracks.  This time of year, trees are using a lot of energy to grow and will send roots deeper into cracks, widening them and stuffing the pipe full of material, which prevents waste water from flowing freely.

The damage that can occur when a sewer line backs up is very messy and very expensive.  When the backup occurs inside the home, furnishings and sentimental possessions such as photographs can be destroyed.  The “lucky” homeowners see the backup result as raw sewage and debris piled on lawns.

The initial shock is awful but the real headaches begin with cleanup.  Where does one put the waste if it won’t go down the pipe?  You can’t pump it into the street because, other than upsetting neighbors, you may incur fines from your municipality.

Then, there’s the matter of who is responsible for damages.  It’s unlikely City Hall will quickly volunteer to pay to replace your favorite comfy chair and never mind the series of calls to the insurance company – if you’ve bought the right coverage for this situation in the first place.

It is possible to inspect sewer lines using specialized equipment and Classic Plumbing by Reno has the right cameras and experience to assess risk.  So, if you think something isn’t quite right with your system or you’ve heard some stories around town where neighbors have had problems with sewer backup issues, give us a call at 860-748-7305.

We’ll determine the best treatment option for proper drain cleaning and, if necessary, install valves to prevent backups, making for a quick and easy experience rather than a very, very messy problem.

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