Summer Stress and Laundry

04/07/13 8:00 AM

washing machine leaksThis spring has been mild and, except for one hot weekend, we’ve been spoiled for mild temperatures and some really beautiful days.

Sorry to bring this up but the heat waves will be coming.  It’s good news, making it possible to find excellent relief in the pool or at the beach.

I just bring it up so your good times won’t get ruined by washing machine problems.

Most people assume that warmer weather means smaller loads.  A T-shirt has less fabric than a turtleneck and a pair of shorts is way less bulky than a sweater.  But, we tend to shower and change clothes more often in warmer weather, creating more laundry, including bulky towels.

Just as your body stresses over the extra heat, your washing machine will stress under heavier and more frequent loads.

That means hoses are more likely to leak and if there is one thing worse than a lot of laundry to do, it’s a lot of laundry you can’t do.  There is nothing pretty about a wet towel sitting around after a few hours on a hot day.  Nothing.

Take a second to look behind the machine at your supply hoses and the one big hose taking wastewater away.  Make sure the machine isn’t pushed against these.  Water will find the easiest path and if it’s difficult to move through the hose, the water will push against fittings, often resulting in a beautiful water fountain effect.  (Most homeowners fail to see the beauty of the spray because of the ugliness of the damage.)

Rub a hand over the hoses, connections, and event the walls.  If there is even the tiniest bit of moisture, call Classic Plumbing by Reno at 860-748-7305 to avoid a bigger problem.

Keep the stress as low as the temps rise.  You’ll enjoy summer a lot more.

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