Grillers Beware! Watch what you throw down that sink!

04/06/13 8:37 AM

grillingAt the end of last year, I talked about what you should do to keep your pipes stress-free during the holidays.

Now that spring is here, it’s time to revisit the ways in which you can keep your pipes, and therefore you, free from stress.

Six months ago, it was important to avoid putting stringy vegetables like pumpkin into your kitchen disposal.  At this time of year, the recipes may be different but the problem is the same.  Whether it’s the celery from a potato salad or cornhusks from a cob you slathered with butter and salt, neither of these stringy veggies will do anything good for the system under your sink.

Maybe you’re thinking of tossing a banana peel down the drain after a warm day’s run or walk.  Stop!  Take these fibrous things out to a compost pile in your garden or contact your local municipality to see if there is a better way to dispose of these items.  Then, you can spend your money on new sunglasses instead of paying Classic Plumbing by Reno to fix the disposal system.

Avoid anything that changes from a liquid to a solid or “grows” inside of a pipe, stopping water from flowing through pipes.

Most greases, fats, and cooking oils can become solid when cold; most of the time you’re putting cold water down the drain.  The best thing to do is to avoid any situation where you’re pouring grease down the drain.

As for the “growing,” think of all the packages of food that you can enjoy by “just adding water!”  Potato mixes and stuffing are good examples.  Not only do these things swell up in pipes when wet, they aren’t fussy about warm or cold water.

As for the things you should put down your drain, run the cold water at full pressure for at least 15 seconds before and after you run the disposal unit to flush material through the system.  Not only will the unit work better, but also you’ll keep food from becoming trapped, where warm weather will make it smell.

So, enjoy the warmer weather and sweet smells of spring.  Keep the pipes clean with just a little bit of extra care.

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