Keeping Your Pipes Clear

06/03/13 8:31 AM

bio-cleanA little while ago, I gave advice on how to keep drains flowing freely.

It’s all well and good to behave and refrain from using your sink as a dump but, let’s face it, some stuff is going to go down there no matter how careful you are.

It’s okay… the plumbing system is meant to be used to clean your dishes and your body and I recommend a product to take care of the small amount of crud – the grease, hair, soap, food, and paper –that sneaks past your diligent self and can build up on the insides of your pipes.

BIO-CLEAN is a combination of bacteria and enzymes that actually wants to eat the stuff that would turn your stomach if you opened up the pipes.

You may ask, wouldn’t it be better to buy one of those popular drain cleaners that I see advertised on television?  They even come with a handy plastic hook to help declog!


First, ask yourself.  If they worked well, wouldn’t the plastic doo-jigger be unnecessary?

Second, take it from me.  The only reason I’d tell you to use a harsh chemical like that is if I wanted you to pay me to replace your pipes.  That stuff will literally melt PVC pipes.

BIO-CLEAN doesn’t eat plastic or metal pipes.  It doesn’t have any side effects such as heat or fumes, which many of the chemical cleaners do.

It’s a really cool system.  The enzymes prepare the yuk in the pipes as food for the bacteria, by breaking it down into bite size pieces.  (A bite size piece for bacteria is a large molecule.)

The thing that starts this magic process is water.  Guess what.  You got water handy.

Billions of little bacteria eat; doubling in number every 30 minutes.  Then, they just float away with full tummies.

So, if you want an easy way to clear those pipes, call me, Classic Plumbing by Reno at 860-748-7305 and I’ll hook you up.

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