Happy New Year!

07/01/13 8:19 AM

The plastic comes off a new calendar.  You cherish the thought of 12 months not yet tainted by any worries or problems.

I have some advice to keep that new-year-feel going a lot longer than usual.

Well… at least in terms of plumbing.  That’s who I am… Classic Plumbing by Reno.

  • It starts with a walk around the house with paper and pencil.  Plan for about an hour… probably will take less time than that and you can use the remainder for relaxing.  See… already making 2013 good by giving you a break!
  • Test each fixture in the house.  You probably noticed something that needs attention but have been ignoring it.  Now is the time to pay attention.  Is the water pressure good or does it seem a big “off,” like you think it used to be better?  There could be some sediment or maybe another issue with the supply line.  Make a note.
  • Are the drains giving you a nice swirl?  Perhaps you hear an inner voice urging, “Come on, dammit, go down FASTER!”  Make a note.
  • Flush the toilets.  Check around the fixture to make sure there are no wet spots or colors that might indicate leaks or rust.  Drag a square of toilet paper around the area; it’ll indicate moisture pretty quickly.  Make a note.
  • Sniff.  Yeah, sniff.  If you have been ignoring a slightly moldy smell or buying a lot of air freshener to help make an odor go away, remember that ignoring something doesn’t make it go away.  Won’t work for the credit card bills that are coming soon and it won’t work here.  Make a note.
  • Try to remember the last time you drained your hot water heater.  Didn’t know you could do that to remove sediment and make the equipment run better/give you a nicer shower?  Make a note.
  • OK, review the notes.  What may be annoyances now will soon be expensive problems that keep you from using your sinks, toilets, and showers at some point in 2013.  Remember my advice back in the July blog… you can use these tips to get rid of most of these annoyances.

If you need more than tips, call me, Classic Plumbing by Reno at 860-748-7305.

I can help you avoid a big bill; which may seem like I’m a bad business man… but, I’m a good plumber.  And I care about my customers.

I want us all to have a great 2013.

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