What Heats Water?

09/10/12 10:14 AM

Last month, I talked about the pros and cons of creating hot water on demand or storing it in a tank for use.

This month, I’ll turn my attention to what heats the water.

There are methods that have been around for decades, including electricity.  If you’ve ever owned an electric system or know someone who does, you know it’s wiser to buy stock in the Kimberly-Clark Corporation than to buy one of these systems.  (Kimberly-Clark makes Kleenex and anyone with an electric water heater cries a lot when the bill comes.)

Then there’s oil or natural gas.

At Classic Plumbing by Reno, I trust these proven fuels.

Proven technology is reliable and much more efficient than ever (if your system is new).  There is the debate about the shortage and price of oil versus the unlimited supply of natural gas, which seems to make this choice a no-brainer.

Thing about no-brainers is, they’re rare.  New techniques to extract natural gas are coming under fire (no pun intended).  A few regulations on those techniques could increase the price and make it more expensive to use.

“Go green” sounds like a good idea.  The sun is baking your roof all day long and the only thing you do with that energy is turn on the air conditioner in the summer to combat the heat.

That means you’re paying good money to throw away free energy.

Solar panels can collect and concentrate heat, warming water as it passes.  You can use that heated water not only for showering but run it through radiators to heat rooms of your home.

While I prefer oil and gas, I recognize the need to move to renewable energy.  I’m always taking classes to keep up with the newest technologies.

Call me at 860-748-7305 today if you want to learn more about what’s best for your home or have any questions.

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