We’re to plumbing what James Bond is to espionage!

14/08/12 10:07 AM

SOURCE: herocomplex.latimes.com

The name is Reno.  Classic Plumbing by Reno.

We’re to plumbing what James Bond is to espionage.

Those in need can always reach us because Bond and Reno both use the latest communications tools.  Let’s face it; the cheapest cell phone of today beats the snot out of what Sean Connery was using.  So, despite the fact that Classic Plumbing by Reno gets our tech from a store in the mall and not from Q in a secret labooooooooratory, when you call us, you’ll get us.

Just as Bond wouldn’t arrive late, neither does Reno.  It doesn’t matter if the bomb is three ticks away from zero or the basement is filling up to the third step, neither of us strolls through your door late with a lame, “Well, traffic, ya know.”

We respect our customers and show it in the way we put on clean clothes and how we speak to you.  No tux but suspenders do prevent “plumber’s crack.”

Bond and Reno are ghosts.  After we leave, no one knows we were on the job or what we’ve done.  OK, Bond leaves a mess at The Headquarters of Big Shot Evil Guy but, really, nobody is using that place after he finishes the job.  Classic Plumbing by Reno knows your house is your home.  We make it as if we were never there.

We do admit a big difference when it comes to money.  Classic Plumbing by Reno knows you’re the boss but don’t have unlimited secret agency funding.  We will give you an honest and competitive price for a complete job.  No rogue activities on our assignments.

The fate of the free world may not hang in the balance when you dial 860-748-7305 for Classic Plumbing by Reno.  But, your plumbing problems are just as important.

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