Slow Down Potential Home Buyer

05/06/12 10:30 AM

It’s spring, a time when many fall in love, the mind dazzled by images of summer parties on a back deck, warm breezes playing with paper napkins.  Laughter and music are the soundtrack to this very happy ending.

Slow down, potential home buyer.  Spring may come with an uptick in housing sales but before you buy that dream home, get off your romantic high for a few minutes and pay attention to what your inspector tells you.

Without reliable plumbing, that summer BBQ dream can be a nightmare.  If fixtures are on their last leg and you need to replace them soon after you move in, you won’t be able to afford hot dogs much less decent burgers for this party.

Start your own inspection by taking a careful look at the sinks and toilets yourself, checking behind and under them to make sure it’s nice and dry back there.

It’s not pretty to think of an old toilet that is not properly seated to the floor because of age or a leaky faucet rotting the wall behind the vanity.  But if you think that’s ugly, wait’ll you see the bill for fixing those problems!

As you spend your afternoons touring open houses, turn on the faucets and run the shower for a moment.  Is there enough pressure to satisfy you or are you going to be washing your hair in a fog?

A professional inspector or reliable expert such as Classic Plumbing by Reno, LLC can use experience and professional tests to evaluate plumbing, even dropping a pipe-inspection camera to check out the condition of pipes in a really old home.

Don’t think you’re avoiding problems if you buy a brand new home.  Make sure your builder didn’t increase the profit margin by buying cheap fixtures.

The cheaper parts inside a cheaper fixture will wear out faster than a quality piece of equipment.  It’ll also be easier to fix a little drip if you have good fixtures; the parts will be available and the bathroom will be back online faster, getting you back to your dream BBQ.

Oh, yeah, make sure the outside faucets work so you can easily wash your deck the morning after the party.

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