A Blog About Plumbing? Really?!

06/05/12 10:50 PM

When water systems work, we don’t give much thought to how they help us stay clean, healthy, and hydrated.  We go about our day, turning taps or flushing without appreciating how pipes do the job our great grandparents once did by hand, carrying water from outdoor well pumps.

So, a blog about classical music, sure, but classical plumbing?  Really?!

Yes, really.

Knowledge is power and by learning some facts, tips, and tricks about plumbing, you can get through troubles with greater ease and peace of mind.

For example, do you know where the shutoff valve in your home is located?  Find it on a quiet day because it’s very stressful to search for anything with the sound of rushing water in your ears.  Turning the shut off valve clockwise – righty tighty, lefty loosey – will make that rushing noise stop someday, saving your treasured possessions from a good soaking.

Not only can you avoid problems, a blog can help you discover remarkable stories.

In 2001, a group of toilet associations declared November 19 as World Toilet Day.  Go ahead and giggle before you realize how much that kind of celebration would mean to 2.6 billion people who don’t have access to proper sanitation.

Next time you’re “renting” a beer, point out to your fellow bar flies that The Scott Paper Co. began making the first tissue on a roll for bathrooms in 1890.

Or, when your kid asks why math is important to study in school, point out the complex calculations that a plumber uses to install piping in classical plumbing.  With the correct angles, pipes drain water and waste from a home by relying on gravity alone.  (Plumbing was green even before going green was trendy.)

Come on back and check out my monthly Classic Plumbing by Reno, LLC blog.  I promise to educate, entertain, and sometimes make you smile.

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